Everything you need


We don't care, we don't ask. You and your viewer will always remain anonymous.


Thanks to the use of blockchain, all the transactions are encrypted and secure.


Your donation arrives directly to your wallet. We don't allocate nor have access to your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Literart? We have answers. Check it out!

Does Literart have a notification system?

Yep. We have you covered with alerts integration for OBS Studio / XSplit Browser Source.

Is this really free?

Yep, entirely. We aren't a company looking for profit, but just a few folks who wanted to do a fair donations system. Right now we're paying everything from our own pocket to keep things running, but in the future we might look for a way to make this profitable. Still, we're compromised to never steal more than 1% of what you earn.

Can my viewer pay with debit / credit cards?

Not at the moment. We're compromised to keep both viewers and streamers confidencial, and by doing so, we can't easily integrate debit/credit card payments. We'll keep working on it.

What can I do with the coins I receive?

Anything you would do with regular money (buy on Amazon, Netflix or get cash if you need it) plus some other cool features as setting masternodes and staking.